The best makeup trends for 2014

2014 makeup trends

When we talk about trends in make-up for the winter, always bright and warm summer colors move into the dark and cold tones.In the winter, these colors really look better on their faces because they’re less sunny and colder periods enable us to better durability more makeup because less sweat. But not all in the dark and cold colors of the season.

This season the emphasis is on healthy skin, beautiful complexion and genuine care. Different times in our lives require different care, so the skin is exposed to winter winds and the more it dries, the less protected. Therefore, we have to change set of cosmetic skin care products that we use in the winter.

Nice cherished face and healthy skin imposes one of the winter trends in makeup that can be called “No makeup”.

makeup 2014

The natural look is in fashion for several years now, more related to the natural look of the hair and eyebrows. Now the emphasis on perfect skin. Makeup “No makeup” does not mean that you are not wearing make-up, on the contrary. Great deal of attention is paid to the medium and shading.

The aim is to achieve a look of perfect skin so that it looks so nice and “natural” to you strong makeup on eyes is not necessary. The substrate is required to use color as close to your face tone, and should be used more airy background. After a well done to the substrate, it is enough to put some lip gloss and mascara and you will be totally trendy.

makeup eyebrows

For a couple of years back in vogue beautifully shaped, full and natural brows.If you have naturally thick brows, do not consistently wear thinner and thinner, only format (bordered with border), you can fill in shadows eyebrows if they are rare, but they can not completely pull.

Makeup on eyes
However, for the evening in style, “No makeup” can turn into a winter version of totally makeup on the eyes. Glam is totally in vogue. This season, look for inspiration in purple, green and blue shadow on the eyes. Season celebration is coming.

Makeup on eyes

Complete the trend and gold shadows on her eyes. Combine gold with the color of chocolate, this combination is extremely wearable and day. With a combination of brown you should use a caramel brown eyeliner that would be a great middle ground between chocolate and gold.


When you have a strong shadow on the eyes, the lips should be quieter colors, but if you prefer eyeliner on the eyes without strong shadows, then the lips, and to come to the fore. This season, the trendy vampire lips, red lipstick, lipstick color plum, deep purple, the color of the wine, but they are still in fashion expressive pink lips.

makeup lips 2014

 If you want to wear red lipstick, note that, for him, need a perfect complexion, which fits in with the first trend, “No makeup” that I described. Darker tones will better stand the girl with the greenish tone face, and bright red lipstick better on girls with pinkish tone face. The darker the color of the lips are better on light skin (unless you’re a black woman, then the rules are different).

Eyeliner and Lash
I still completely trend long eyelashes and perfect eyeliner and the cat’s eyes. Here are a couple of inspiration.

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